This project is no longer active

The mobile apps are no longer working and available in app stores.

Message from the Magicoach team

During the project we analysed 3.3 Million GPS coordinates from 2.564 matches recorded in five continents.
All data came from players we have never met in person and were all wearing a mobile phone as a GPS recorder while playing.

Our goal was to provide advanced football analysis to every non-professional player.
We believe we helped to show that it is technically possible and that the players are looking for solutions to change their match experience.

We hope this goal is met soon by some other solution that becomes pervasive and affordable to all players.

Our final contribution to that goal is to make the most relevant code available at

The code is free from GPS positions or any other personal data and open for anyone to use and edit.
If you need any support in using that code, contact

We thank all the entities, suppliers, partners, players, beta-testers and friends that supported this adventure.

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